Making your own custom kiln? Check out these coiled wire style heating elements for the do it yourself-er. Use the option menus to select the element voltage and wattage. The element details will then be displayed for your selection.
See the description tab below for additional information.

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These are coiled wire heating elements (see Special Note below) which are used in many applications such as ceramic kilns, glass kilns, glass annealers, and many more do-it-yourself projects. The coiled element can be stretched to it’s “Installed length” and formed to fit many applications.

Element Definitions (see element sketch)
Coil Diameter: 
This is the diameter of the coiled element .

Stretch Length: The Elements are not stretched when shipped. They do require to be stretched out to the recommend  “Installed length” (see table above) for normal operating performance. Do not cut any of the element coils, as it will alter the performance of the heating element.

Element leads: All elements come with twisted leads (10 in long) for electrical connections. The twisted leads can be cut shorter to suit the application.

Wire Specs : The Element wire is Kanthal A1, 875  alloy or equivalent, using 13-16Ga wire The typical wire loading is 18 Watts/sq in or less making it suitable for uses up to 2000°F

Special Note:
These elements may be used as “replacement elements” for kilns. They are intended for use by repair professionals and kiln builders with a good understanding of electrical principals such as OHM’s LAW and electrical safety codes. Many kilns have different element specs depending upon element location and wiring configuration. These elements are not returnable because when they are assembled or installed we have no way of knowing if they have been damaged.  We can not resell a heating element that has been returned and take the chance we are sending a customer a damaged product.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Element Voltage

115 Volt, 120 Volt, 208-240 Volt

Element Watts

1150 Watt, 1400 Watt, 1600 Watt, 1750 Watt, 1900 Watt, 2000 Watt, 1350-1800 Watt, 1650-2200 Watt, 2250-3000 Watt, 3000-4000 Watt

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