Prompt and professional rebuilding service at a fraction of the $$ cost of a NEW heater. See below for more information

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Rebuilding your Heater = $$ Savings !
Many factors influence the operation of an industrial electric duct, plug or rack heaters. Contactors, transformers, manual resets and automatic limit switches are all essential to a heater’s operation. Yet the heating elements are the most critical  component of an electric heater and often the most difficult to replace . Our coil, strip or rod heating elements can be custom made to match the specs of your heater. We only use the highest quality materials for a reliable rebuild.

To Request a Quote for element replacements please provide us with the following information:
Your Name / Email / Phone
Information from the etched or printed name plate if available.
Make and Model #
Volts – AMPS – KW –  Single (1) Phase or Three (3) Phase
TOTAL number of Elements in the heater
Element’s installed length
Element’s coil outside diameter
Element’s wire diameter
Element ohms (if possible) from a good element
Delta or Star wiring (3 phase only)
Duct Heaters only intended for use in commercial and industrial processes, not residential HVAC.
Rebuilds are done at Duralite’s facility.