Product Description

The Infinite control switch controls electric heaters such as electric kiln elements where a infinite control is required to adjust the kiln temperature.
Dial setting 0-100% with a click on the LO position to turn the heater "OFF" and when the dial is turned clockwise to HI, the heater is "ON" continuously.
The higher the dial setting, the longer the heating element stays on during each cycle.
The kit includes a dial with adapters for screw or palnut mounting and wiring connectors.
The extra long (knob) shaft can be easily cut back to your desired length. 

Switch Electrical Ratings:
208-240 Volt- 15 Amp- (100-3600) Watt
120 Volt- 15 Amp- (100-1800) Watt

Switch Body Dimensions:
1.75 in square x 1.5 inch deep
1/4 in Tab "Quick connect"

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