Product Description

Low cost, easy replacement relay.
Direct replacement power relay for many popular kiln models such as "TF types" .
These relays can also be used with temperature controllers such as "Bartlett Controllers with a 12VDC output. 

Coil Terminals: (2) Tabs located on the left side of relay in photo. (AC coil: 4.0VA), (DC coil: 1.7W)
Coil Voltage: Refer to the option selection pull down table. (also see note below)
Power Terminals: (4) Tabs, (2) normally open contacts, 30 Amp - 250 Volt (max)
Located on the right side of relay in the photo.  Each contact is 1 outside terminal and 1 inside terminal.

Expected Mechanical Life: 100,000 operations at rated load
Dimensions: 1.38 in wide x 2.7 in long x 1.48 in high

It is important to select the correct coil voltage !
The coil Voltage is the signal that operates the relay power terminals. The relay coil voltage may not always be the same as the "supply voltage" that powers the kiln and the elements. Some kilns with a digital temperature controllers use 12 VDC or 120 VAC relays. To identify the "relay coil voltage", check the markings on the side of the relay or refer to the electrical schematic for the kiln.


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