Duralite VariWatt heating elements provide engineers tremendous flexibility and control over conventional heating elements. VariWatt elements can be fabricated with a change in the Watts / inch along element of an order of magnitude. By using this capability engineers can design zones or segments of specific energy output at the element. Transitions can be smooth or abrupt.

Here are just two examples:

Figure 1 – VariWatt Power Distribution

Figure 2 – VariWatt Graded Power Distribution

As you can see the element in Figure 1 has the same length and power as the element in Figure 2, but power is distributed differently.

VariWatt elements are fixed diameter elements with a variable number of wire turns per inch. Elements are made with a pitch (spacing of turns) from close-wound wire to one turn in 10 inches or more. Transition from one pitch to another pitch can be immediate or vary smoothly over a distance. By using this technique power can be distributed in a piecewise distribution as shown in the illustrations (Fig 1 and Fig 2) or follow a mathematical expression such as a sinusoid or logarithm, continuously changing over a predetermined length.

Complex parts are consistent – especially important in modern automated assembly systems.

Our staff can work with you to provide your product with the following advantages:

  • heat zones without costly control systems
  • manage hot or cold spots, reduce element failures due to localized overheating
  • add energy at edges in continuous furnaces, increase usable volume
  • save energy – put it where you need it most
  • precision resistors

Provide landmarks for assembly operations to:

  • decrease assembly time and errors
  • decrease failures by reducing turns per inch at tight radius bends
  • increase accuracy of finished product
  • reduce manual labor steps decreasing your product’s cost
  • provide consistent dimensions enabling automated assembly

What can VariWatt do for you? The only limit is your imagination!

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