QUARTZ TUBE-16mmX12mmX1900mm (DURA010277)

QUARTZ TUBE-16mmX12mmX1900mm

Tube dimensions:
Outside:  16mm (.630in)<br>
Inside:    12mm (.47in) 2mm wall<br>
Length:1900mm (74.8in)<br>

Clear quartz tubing is a great means for mounting coiled heating elements in a kiln or oven for applications up to 2000F. The heating element is put inside the quartz tube and thus provides the electrical insulation and protection for both the element and your work.

Shipping Note:
A $25.00 packing fee will be added to an order. Shipping costs for glass tubes vary greaty because of the size of the package.
Therefore the store  "shipping estimator"  may not provide an accurate estimate for shipping. If the shipping costs are not correct we will notify you with the correct shipping costs before processing your order.

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