Metallic Heating Elements

Duralite heating elements are made in a large range of sizes from a wide range of metallic alloys for heaters, ovens, and furnaces used in industrial, commercial, scientific, and medical equipment.

Heating element materials can be ductile round or strip material including resistance alloys (nickel chrome, iron-chrome aluminum, molybdenum, tungsten), stainless, copper, aluminum, and nickel alloys - both coated and uncoated. Elements are fabricated from wire sizes smaller than .003 to wire diameters exceeding .410 inch. Coiled diameters range from .020 to 10 inches.

Fabrication Sizes:

Wire Size
Coil Diameters
Typical Applications
28 GA to 42 GA
.020 to .200
Laboratory equipment, process heating, packaging equipment
20 GA to 27 GA
.080 to .600
Food processing equipment, Packaging equipment
12 GA to 19 GA
10” Max
Process heating, heat treat furnaces, powder coat
0.5 in. to 11 GA
10” Max
Glass tempering, metal heat treating, pollution controls, aluminum melting

Our trained staff can produce your element from your print or, if you require, our engineers can use our proprietary heating element design software to analyze your heating system requirements and perform “what-if” scenarios if you need assistance in element design.

Demanding metallic elements are our specialty. Duralite VariWatt coiling technology can provide exceptionally accurate parts or multi-zone heating system within a single element. To explore all the benefits of VariWatt click here.

Duralite has extensive experience oxidizing iron-chrome-aluminum parts. The most common use is for vertically-oriented elements. By oxidizing iron-chrome-aluminum elements, Duralite can provide an element that will not short circuit when energized.
In addition, Duralite has a fully-equipped fabrication shop so we can provide nearly any configuration and termination that you require, including threaded and welded terminals.

Bulk Coiled Heating Element Wire

Duralite manufactures bulk coiled heating element wire used in many high-temperature applications, including air heating, radiant heating, and electric furnaces. The pre-coiled wire is supplied tight (close) wound and spooled for easy storage and use.

Bulk coiled heating wire provides the ability for a user to produce a variety of element configurations as needed. As long as the coil diameter is consistent, finished heating elements can be easily fabricated, adjusting for such factors as: operating voltage, wattage, and installed (stretch) length.

Consult sales department for wire specifications, sizes and pricing information.

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